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Car Care: Auto Maintenance Services

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Car Care: Auto Maintenance Services

At Blacksmith European Motorworks, we understand that the best way to care for your car or truck is to follow the service intervals that your vehicle's manufacturer recommends. Servicing all brands, models, imports and fuel systems in Irvine, Blacksmith European Motorworks has the tools and expertise to make sure your ride runs exactly as its manufacturer intended it to. From reminding you about routine service intervals to ensuring that all fluids, filters, and hoses are in optimal condition, Blacksmith European Motorworks takes care of your vehicle and leaves you with one less item on your to do list.

Contact us at 949-753-1575, or send us an email, and our experts will be happy to answer your questions and determine what needs to be done.

Our basic auto maintenance services include:

30/60/90K Mileage Maintenance
As time goes by, various auto repair and maintenance needs come up at different intervals. Most manufacturers recommend car maintenance in intervals of 30,000 miles. This is the 30/60/90K mile schedule (issued by the manufacturers to car owners). Trust the experts at Blacksmith European Motorworks to keep you on schedule, and help you preserve the condition of the vehicle, optimize its performance, and increase its resale value. The 30/60/90K service includes the following:

  • Fluid replacements
  • Oil and Filter changes
  • Tire rotation, spin balance, and pressure adjustments
  • Inspection of parts and systems - gears, tires, brake pads, belts, hoses, etc.
  • With higher mileage: spark plugs, belts, timing belts when applicable

A fan belt, also known as a drive belt, is a belt connecting your car's engine to the front mounted accessories. The fan belt rotates the water pump and engine fan, which maintains a cool environment for the engine and its components. Sooner or later, your vehicle's fan belts will dry out and crack. When you are ready for a replacement you can count on Blacksmith European Motorworks for all your vehicle's repair needs.

You not only have to get the belts replaced with quality ones but you should have the work done by experts. To have the belts replaced by auto cooling and heating experts - and get your car driving right - visit Blacksmith European Motorworks today. The mechanics at Blacksmith European Motorworks will thoroughly inspect your car's belts; replace all worn belts; and adjust the installed belts.

Check Engine Light
No one likes to see their car's "Check Engine" light come on. The light could mean a costly problem, like a bad catalytic converter, or it could be something minor, like a loose gas cap. At Blacksmith European Motorworks, we can pull the code and diagnose the problem for you. Give us a call at 949-753-1575 or stop by the shop for our expert assistance.

Factory Recommended Service/Maintenance
Automotive and auto parts come with a factory recommended service and maintenance schedule. The manufacturer will tell you how often to service or replace an auto part. At Blacksmith European Motorworks, we offer factory recommended service/maintenance. Our highly skilled auto mechanics offer comprehensive knowledge and experience. At Blacksmith European Motorworks, all your factory recommended service/maintenance needs are handled with the latest diagnostic equipment. Remember, we work on all American and imported vehicles (either diesel or gas engines).

Headlight and Bulb Replacement
To maintain maximum visibility (and keep you safe), you should always make sure that your vehicle's headlight bulbs are in good working condition. Although replacing faulty headlight bulbs is a simple and quick process (takes very little time), you need to rely on an experienced auto mechanic to handle your headlight and bulb replacement. This way, you will have quality bulbs installed by experts. Remember, it is a critical part of your car's maintenance and your safety. For all your headlight and bulb replacement needs, call or visit Blacksmith European Motorworks today.

Hoses transfer coolant and antifreeze throughout the engine's cooling system (including the radiator). Sooner or later, your vehicle's hoses will dry out and crack. When you are ready for a replacement you can count on Blacksmith European Motorworks for all your vehicle's repair needs.

You not only have to get the hoses replaced with quality ones but you should have the work done by experts. To have the hoses replaced by auto cooling and heating experts - and get your car driving right - visit Blacksmith European Motorworks today. The mechanics at Blacksmith European Motorworks will thoroughly inspect your car's hoses; replace all worn hoses; and adjust the installed hoses.

Oil, Lube, and Filter
To keep running smoothly, your car highly relies on oil, lube, and oil filters. Oil helps in lubricating, cooling, and cleaning the internal engine components. With time, motor oil becomes contaminated. Your car needs an oil, lube, and filter change every three months (or 3,000 miles). When it is time for a lube, oil, or filter change, take your vehicle to Blacksmith European Motorworks in Irvine, CA 92618.

Wiper Blade Replacement
Visibility is very important to safe driving. Having properly functioning wipers can help keep you safer on the road. If your car's wipers are not wiping well or are leaving lines, have them replaced immediately. To have wiper blades fitted on your vehicle, call 949-753-1575 or visit Blacksmith European Motorworks today. We will fit your car with high quality and effective wiper blades.

To learn more about our Car & Truck Care services, call us at 949-753-1575 or request a quote by clicking below:

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What People Say About Us

  • reviewicon

    The folks at the Blacksmith European Motorworks really take care of their customers and their cars. I have a 1986 Volvo that has needed many repairs in the last year and they helped me every step of the way. Stephan and his team rebuilt my whole exhaust system so that I could pass smog for a fraction of what I thought it was going to cost. They really look out for the customer and never give up on the cars that they love. This will always be my first choice for any service big or small.

  • reviewicon

    Blacksmith European Motorworks provides honest, reasonable priced service, with great results. My Volvo S40 just had it's tune up the the guys there are very honest with you. If it is just an oil change that is what you get. If they detect upcoming problems, you are informed and are given the information needed to either have work done then or wait a couple months. This honesty is something I treasure, plus they outstanding job they have done with my car.

  • reviewicon

    I came from Seattle, and my 9.5 Saab started oil leak. I took my car to Blacksmith European auto shop and received warm welcome. Immediately my car checked and diagnosed and source of problem found. I recommend this shop to all Saab owners.

  • reviewicon

    They repaired my car as scheduled, helped me understand the safety features, and followed up as promised. I don't feel crazy for owning a Saab in this shop, or at least I feel comfortable with it. It is a very comfortable waiting area, and there are a variety of good restaurants nearby, so I would go back for regular service from people who I believe would notice anything else that might become a problem.

  • reviewicon

    I can't say enough good things about our experience at this shop. My teenage daughters just bought a used Volvo a few months ago, and when it needed repairs we brought it in to Ken. As usual we were extremely satisfied from start to finish. We have known him for many years and he is always very professional and trustworthy. His shop is clean and the waiting room is very pleasant. The repairs were done quickly and the girls were happy to be back in their car! I highly recommend Blacksmith European Motorworks

  • reviewicon

    Blacksmith European Motorworks is the poster image of authentic customer service. At the front counter, Ken gives attention to ensuring that the customer understands the work order and that the pricing is fair. Behind the scenes, Blacksmith's highly-qualified mechanics are treating every car like it is their own. If your need is major work or simply a tune-up, stop in, you won't be disappointed. And, no, I am not family or friend; I am, truly, a super satisfied customer. Thanks Blacksmith European Motorworks!

  • reviewicon

    Found out my car had was leaking differential fluid on a Sunday night, took it to the Blacksmith on Monday morning. He inspected it and called me with a pressure free detailed oriented estimate, also he had sent a hard copy in a email (HUGE Plus +). After approving the estimate he had the car fixed before I had time to pick it up. Great service, quality work!

  • reviewicon

    I only trust them with my little car, Jellybean. Driving a vintage 1956 Volvo P444 requires a very excellent crew to keep her finely tuned. They've gone over with a fine tooth comb and brought her back to running like a Swiss watch. Thanks guys! You're the BEST!

  • reviewicon

    My first visit to Blacksmith and boy was I happy I found them. I found them through Yelp and messaged back and forth and felt confidant with them. The waiting area, office and restroom were immaculate, as was the shop. That's always a great sign. Ken did a great job and showed me what was needed. I felt I was talking with a friend that cared! (A great quality in the automotive world.) The repairs were done right and fairly quickly. The whole experience was great! I highly recommend Blacksmith and Ken!!

  • reviewicon

    Prompt responses, fair prices, fast work. Everything you want in a repair shop. Ken is a pro.

  • reviewicon

    I messaged this mechanic shop on a busy morning I was trying to get quick quotes, and they responded immediately. He asked me a few questions about my vehicle and Sent me a formal quote by email less than an hour later. I dropped off my vehicle at 1 PM and it was ready by 6 PM. His prices were less expensive than 4 other quotes I received. I though I need 4 new brakes but he said I only needed two! I appreciate the honesty and will definitely be going back!

  • reviewicon

    Ken is kind, honest, and professional. I am so thankful to have found this shop to service my Volvo-one less thing to worry about!

  • reviewicon

    Ken and his crew are awesome!...I was able to schedule an appointment right away (Other places don't do appointments and I'm a busy person...Their waiting area is very clean, comfortable and has coffee and snacks for customers. They replaced my rear brakes in no time! Front brakes were fine, I appreciated Ken's honesty. I plan on using Ken for all of my auto servicing. Very impressed and thankful I found them!!!!! Give him a try!!!!

  • reviewicon

    This is the place you hope to find. Honest, caring, and service oriented. I won't go anywhere else. Go see Ken, you won't be disappointed.

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